Our Mission

We want to help more Senior Dogs get adopted and find their "Forever Home".

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We raise funds through donations and the sale of merchandise to support the transfer of Senior Dogs to No Kill Shelters.

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Share your Adoption Story

Share your adoption story so we can all learn how we can rescue Senior Dogs. Remember that Senior Dogs have usually lost their home due to unfortunate circumstances at home and not due to behavioral problems.

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What's In It For You?

We have been so blessed to have OrwellTheGreat join our Family.

The benefits of adopting a Senior Dog and giving them a "Forever Home" starts with unconditional love.

Senior Dogs have learned a lot and often don't need any training or much exercise.

They really just need your love and companionship.

Young woman holding dog's paw indoors. Pet adoption

Next Steps...

Stay tuned as we develop this new website and publish our Fundraising opportunities. Please send us your adoption stories through the contact page.